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DIY: Faux Fur Bench

So lately I've been obsessed with interior decorating and furniture shopping. Organizing and decluttering my life and things have been an on going project for me since the new year. It could be that I'm maturing and the values in my life are changing or simply because I've gotten to a point where I have WAY too much stuff. So I've had my eye on a faux fur bench for a while now but never got around to getting one because of their hefty price tag; Instead I decided to DIY my own.

There's just something about faux fur that adds an instant glam to anything, whether it be for an outfit, a pair of shoes or in this case furniture. Continue reading as I show you how I created this super easy faux fur bench with simply 5 materials. 

How to travel 5 countries in 2 weeks

Travelling is fun but yet super exhausting especially if you are travelling 5 countries in just over 2 weeks. As I've mentioned in my "How to pack for Asia" post, when my family and I travel we try and hit multiple countries while making our way back to Malaysia. Not only do we hit different landmarks and experience different cultures, we also make the most out of our flight ticket to Asia. I don't know about you but sitting on a plane for 14+ hours means I am making the trip worth while.

Since there is a lot to cover about my trip I'll be splitting the post in 2 parts - the first trips on country hopping, the second all about Bali trip. I'll try not to bore you to death with day to day activities but instead share tips I've learned about making this type of trip and how to survive it. For this specific trip I travelled to Hong Kong, Macau, Bali, Malaysia and Thailand. I accomplished this with 7 plane rides in just over 2 weeks.

How to pack for Asia

With my Asia trip less than a week away, I found it fitting to share with you guys how I pack for a 2 week 4 destination vacation. This isn’t the first time my family and I have travelled like this, making various stops to different countries within a 2-3 week time period. The last time we travelled Asia we stopped in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. The year before that we did Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. As you can imagine, after so many trips I’ve kind of figured things out.

A Study in Pink

A monochromatic look makes for the perfect minimalistic outfit. I love how this two piece sweater dress is so versatile as I can choose to wear them together like this or wear the top or skirt separately in another look. It also helps that this chic pairing is super warm since the Canadian winters can be quiet harsh sometimes.